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Tennis In Bradfordville & Tallahassee, Florida

“Learn Or Advance The Beautiful Sport For A Lifetime “

Welcome to Bradfordville & Tallahassee Tennis

Thank you for visiting my website to learn more about one of the greatest lifetime sports for adults and children of all ages!

My priority and experience is to help you define your tennis goals, develop a plan, and implement the training and education to reach them in the most efficient and effective way. Whether if is to learn to play a fun game with friends, advance your existing skills, become a more competitive player, play high school or college tennis, I can help you achieve your goals. Please contact me if you have any questions about tennis, or tennis lessons and I’ll be glad to answer them. 

There are so many benefits the game provides adults and kids so you may want to watch the brief videos above for a great overview of what the sport can do for you or your child. 

Click on image below to watch video. Use full-screen icon to enlarge when video starts.

Mega Benefits of Tennis

Super Sport for Kids