Mental Toughness Training - 16 Second Cure 2.0

I want to thank Gotta Tennis for producing this great video from the best sport psychologist on the planet. As Gotta Tennis works to reinvent how we teach and learn the game of tennis through technology, they’ve brought one of the brightest minds in sports psychology to share an updated version of arguably the most watched tennis video ever.

I had the fortunate opportunity of working with Dr. Loehr on the original 16 Second Cure back in the early nineties when he was with LGE (Loehr, Gropple, Etchberry) at Saddlebrook near Tampa, FL. I was able to take that training and transfer the knowledge to many of my tennis students with the goal of helping them find success on, and off the court. The training is still very relevant today as you will see in the updated version below!

You will learn to achieve the Ideal Performance State (IPS) by understanding:

  • The various performance states in tennis
  • How emotions impact body chemistry, which impacts performance
  • How to use the in-between point time enhance mental toughness