Superior Doubles – A Wholistic Training Approach

Womens DoublesWelcome to Bradfordville Tennis. Superior Doubles incorporates a wholistic training “course” that includes developing the technical, tactical, strategic, physical, mental, and emotional aspects required for consistently winning more doubles matches.

The goal of this training is to give you a thorough understanding, and the “tools” to play smarter, anticipate better, move much more efficiently, AND….play with far less stress.


As a result of this systematic approach to training, you will have the advantages of:

  1. Knowing what is going to happen one or two shots ahead of time
  2. Out anticipating your opponents
  3. Effortlessly being in the right place at the right time
  4. Play with a high-level of confidence and far less stress

Sound almost too good to be true? Almost like cheating? Can you really do this? Well, using the infamous words of Madeline Khan….”it’s twue, it’s twue.” Better anticipation and smarter play will make you the better team….and best of all it’s legal.  🙂

“There is no such thing as a good or bad player,  just those who are well trained or poorly trained”   Bill Tym – Past President, USPTA


Superior Doubles Training Topics

  1. Introduction
  2. There are only two types of shots in tennis
  3. Understanding the two zones of the court
  4. Three important variables that determine
    shot selection and enhance anticipation
  5. Most important line on the court
  6. Understanding target areas for higher percentage wins
  7. Moving and Setting with the ball – the key to proper location and maximum execution
  8. Deep to Deep, Close to Close
  9. Playing the service line
  10. Playing the net
  11. The Art of Poaching
  12. Communication is key
  13. Building and enhancing a game-changing transport system